Flo Pink Oval Sports Laces – 220cm


220cm Boot Laces. Banded individual lace pair with a Shoe-String unique wrap


Flo Pink Oval Sport Laces – Flo Pink Tennis Shoelaces

Flo Pink oval sport laces are made from a polyester making them vibrant, strong and durable. Our Flo Pink Tennis shoelaces are ideal for your sports or fashion sneakers as well as tennis and running shoes.

Shoestring Flo Pink oval sport laces are ideal replacement laces if you have damaged your existing laces. Flo Pink Oval sport laces are a revolutionary new lace for boots and sports shoes. These laces are oval with a strengthened gut and stitched sides, making them stronger and more durable than other types of laces

We have our own dedicated in-house team based in our Market Harborough warehouse, each of our laces goes through a thorough quality control process before being hand wrapped.

Flo Pink Oval Sport

Our Flo Pink Tennis Shoelaces are perfect for the following footwear styles.

  • Tennis Shoes
  • Sneakers
  • Trainers
  • Running Shoes
  • Boots

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Revive and transform your footwear with a new shoelace, use a brightly coloured lace to inject some fun, or simply replace your existing laces with our neutral tones to refresh.

Rain, snow and other environmental factors will cause damage to your shoelaces, naturally, porous fibers such as cotton absorb and retain moisture which will weaken the lace. Polyester is resistant to moisture, and will therefore not react to these environmental factors. With polyester we have increased the durability and vibrancy of our laces whilst maintaining the high-end finish.


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Shoe String Laces, a family run business. Established in 1989 trading laces to the trade. Over time Shoe String Laces became manufacturers and distributors of their own brand laces and insoles. Our laces are stocked by leading footwear retailers and shoe repairers.

We also sell our lace wholesale to trade. Follow Click here to find out more information.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 220 cm



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