Spring 2019 Footwear trends

Spring 2019 Footwear Trends.

Finally, the winter has ended and spring is upon us! Thankfully however the winter was reasonable and didn’t hit us too hard. Spring 2019 looks to be an exciting time for fashion trends, and luckily for you, we have compiled a list of our favourite 5 footwear trends for you to get ahead of the game! We have also included some accessory ideas to help you make the most of these trends!

Cool Colours

Spring is bringing us cool colours! Surprisingly bright and bold but completely inoffensive meaning the most conservative amongst us could get away with these!

1) Seafoam Green

Sea Foam green gets its name from the froth found on the ocean, however, it is not actually that colour it is white. Seafoam provokes the ideas of the freshness of the ocean and that is how it came to be called sea foam.


Hightop Sneakers


Shoe String Jade 9mm, 100cm Flat Shoelaces


Boat Shoe


Shoe String Turquoise 120cm Leather Shoeace

2) Coral

Coral is a Redish, Pinkish shade of orange, that the colour is named are the sea animals it is named after, these animals share the same colouring!


Adidas Sneaker


Shoe String Coral 9mm, 100cm Flat Shoelace


Peep toe with heel.



Shoe String Sling Grips
Prevents the strap from rubbing on your ankle

3) Animal Print

I am so excited for this one! Mel B was my favourite spice girl! i will be channelling her whilst wearing my leopard print sneakers.

Animal Print

Nike Sneaker


Shoe String Pink Zebra 100cm Sneaker Lace

Animal Print

Suede ankle boot


Famaco Sneaker Waterproofing Spray.
Not just for Sneakers this will protect all materials on all footwear.

4) Mesh Footwear

Mesh footwear is an intersting trend emerging this spring, but a welcome one. Mesh will give your look a casual but edgy look.


Peep toe ankle boots.


Shoe String Gel Party Shoes.
These prevent fatigue pain caused from heels.


Kitty Heel Pump



Shoe String Gel Heel Grips

5) Braided

This trend is truly unisex, this style will add a touch of laid back casual, even with formal footwear.


Leather ankle boots.


Shoe String Red 60cm Waxed Laces




Shoe String Toe Posts

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. We at Shoe String Laces are passionate about shoes and footwear, therefore we are passionate about caring for shoes. Keep your eyes peeled for future updates about caring for shoes and boots as well as caring for feet.

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