Say it with a rainbow

Rainbows, rainbows everywhere

The Thursday clap to the NHS, carers and other key workers has swept our nation. The adopted rainbow a symbol has become a symbol of thanks, of ‘well done those of you who have kept the nation functioning’. The rainbow is currently loud and proud centre stage in our lives. Draw by the children, hung in the windows and worn in our trainers. Here we list the kaleidoscope of colour you can find to lace up your new or old footwear. Why not join in the gesture and find your way to ‘say it with a rainbow’.

Rainbow shoe laces box kit of 9 packs

Rainbow colour shoelaces all in a box

This 9 pack kit of shoelaces gives you shoelaces in every colour of the rainbow to choose from. Just £14.99

Rainbow No-Tie laces

These Shoestring curly shoelaces are made with an elastic coil covered with funky colours to give you laces that you don’t need to tie, turn all your shoes into slip-ons. £4.65

Sneaker rainbow stripe laces

Rainbow striped sneaker laces 100cm

Nice flat woven laces ideal for trainers, sneaker or boots £2.30

Rainbow print sneaker laces

These flat printed rainbow laces give the max colour rainbow impact. Perfect for trainers and sneakers £2.50

Pack of 4 colourful hiking boot laces

Pack of 4 different colour boot laces, pink, blue, yellow, red/green

Being a little longer at 150cm this 4 pack of colour is ideal for walking boots or docs. £14.99 for 4 pair pack

Flourescent sneaker lacing kit

Fluorescent sneaker lacing kit

Be seen in the dark with these flat laces perfect for sneakers and trainers. The laces are 100cm long, and there are no rules to say you have to wear the same colour in both shoes. Gift set of 5 pairs £14.99

Sneaker Italian abstract rainbow shoelaces

Multicoloured rainbow shoelaces 100cm long

Artistic and expressive, these flat rainbow print laces give you a different colour on each hole for a great effect. £2.30

Not wanting rainbow laces? Click here to shop for shoelaces by colour.

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