Walking Yellow/Black Wide Fleck Laces – 150cm


Yellow and black shoelaces for sneakers and hiking boots.


Walking boot/Sneaker shoelaces ? Yellow with black fleck

These shoelaces are perfect for your hiking boots, but also look great in sneakers and other types of footwear.

We use a high quality polyester mix to produce these laces. The colours are rich and extremely durable. The laces can be tied thousands of times and also washed, and they?ll keep their colour.

Our laces are made to the highest standards and quality control.? We hand band and wrap our laces to maintain exceptional quality throughout production.

See our size guide for help with getting the correct length, the simplest way is to measure the lace you are replacing and purchase the nearest.

We have been making laces since 1989 and they are available from most leading footwear retailers and high street shoe repair shops.


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Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 150 cm



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