Shoe String Yellow Duster


In a sealed bag, the yellow duster is a convenient cloth to be used to buff a polished surface or leather material to create high shine. Yellow Duster is a useful household accessory which can be used on just about any surface, meaning it has multiple purposes.

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Yellow Shoe Polishing Cloth

Yellow Shoe Polishing Cloth comes in a sealed bag. Buff a polished surface or leather material using our yellow duster to create high shine. Our Yellow Duster is a useful household accessory use on just about any surface. It has multiple purposes and is therefore extremely convenient to have in the cupboard.

Where can I use a Yellow Duster, and how?

Being a universal product, Yellow Duster is suitable or just about anything – wood, leather as well as synthetic materials. A simple wipe of the area will remove dust and also light dirt, use alongside a polish and to buff an area to create a long lasting, high shine.

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