How To: Macrame Style Laces

@trendy_motherhood shows us her Winter Boots Style, using three pairs of our laces she creates this stunning Macrame Style Laces.

Revamp that Black pair of boots you have sitting in your wardrobe.

Watch the video or follow the steps below: 

  1.  Thread both shoe laces through the hole, placing your preferred colour on the outside.
  2.  Pass the left lace under the two central laces and over the last lace.
  3.  Take the last lace and pass it through the loop created on the left.
  4.  Repeat the same actions on the right. Pass through the far right lace under the two centre laces and over the far left lace.
  5.  Carry on with the above instructions until you have created the knots as far down as you would like and finish with a bow. You can adjust the length of the design.
  6.  Pull the macrame around the back of the boot and thread the centre remaining string through the hole on the other side and tie in a bow.
  7.  Lace the rest of your boot with laces of your choice, choose a contrasting colour to make a real statement. 

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