How to choose the right winter shoelaces

Ah, the UK weather is getting quite cold. It’s been wet weather more than it has dry, and I don’t blame you for breaking out those all-important winter boots!

Winter boots with proper protection can be incredibly warm, but sometimes your Achilles heel (excuse the pun) can be the shoelaces. Shoelaces can soak in water, and actually, leave you feet quite wet. We’ve made this very short blog post to tell you how to prepare for the winter.

Your shoelaces need to be waxed for the winter. Why? Waxed laces don’t soak in water as easily. It’s as simple as that! Here are a handful of our waxed shoelaces, for all types of footwear. They are perfect for sneakers, walking boots, shoes and other types of footwear.

Waxed laces are manufacturers for aesthetics, but also for function. The wax means there’s less friction, so they are easier to tie and the usually stay tied for longer. All the shoelaces we make are from a high-quality mixed-cotton fibre, which is durable. We also use a high-quality dye to colour the material, so they won’t fade quickly.

We’ve included a handful of our shoelaces below, which show the kind of uses you could use the laces for. They are the perfect laces for sneakers, trainers, hiking boots and just about any other type of footwear.

You can shop our range of chunky wax shoelaces here. If you need help with deciding which shoelace length or style you need, please feel free to email us and we’ll advise you!

shoelaces for trainers and walking boots

We’ve also put the shoelaces in some of our very own Gucci shoes…

black shoelaces for sneakers white
We’re not sure whether we prefer the white, or the brown! Possibly the brown lace, as it looks a little classier!

brown shoelaces for sneakers

Thanks for checking out of blog post for our new laces. If there’s anything we can help you with, please feel free to email or call us!


shoestring laces shoelaces


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