Give last years trainers a new life

Trainers before and after sneaker shampoo

A simple way to clean your sneakers

Not being able to get out to the shops to check out the new season’s footwear can leave us feeling a little dowdy and not ready to embrace the coming warmer days. I don’t know about you but for me, going out for my daily excersize in this Corona time has meant rumaging in last years trainers and converse to see what will scrub up for this year.

It is time to make do and mend. The Famaco sneaker care range make this easy peasy and the difference is stunning. There is a basic shampoo, which may be all you need if your trainers are not too dirty or scruffed up. But for those of us who wear our trainers hard, the shampoo is supplemented by a brush, cloth and whitener. Together they make an awesome difference. This little video show you just how simple the whole process is.

Take a look at the sneaker care range to see just how economical scrubbing up last year’s trainers can be. And if it just the staleness you are concerned about, there is a sneaker deo too! Time for my walk around the park!

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