Fresh in! Mosaic round shoelaces for sneakers and hiking boots

They’ve landed! Check out our new Mosaic shoelaces: shop 

We’ve been making shoelaces in the UK since 1989, and this is our newest lace. We wanted to create a shoelace that was new and fresh, but usable for just about any type of footwear. We’ve found a lot of our customers put these laces in hiking boots, but also classic and newer style sneakers. 

The lace is a made from a mixed fibre which is durable gives a slight stretch, the perfect combinaiton for shoelaces. We’ve placed the laces in some of our sneakers, but below is also how our customers are using them.


Sneaker shoelaces for all types of footwear. Our new mosaic shoelaces are perfect for sneakers and hiking boots!
Shoestring laces Mosaic in hiking boots, sneakers and Grenson boots. Hiking boot and sneaker shoelaces.

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