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Over the last few months, we’ve been sending Hannah some of our shoelaces, which she’s put in some of her fantastic hiking boots! We wanted to find our a little bit more about Hannah, who is behind ‘En Brogue’. You can view her Website and Instagram. Enjoy!

Hannah’s boots with our hiking laces


Hannah Rochell. AKA En Brogue!


I live in London, but I’m from the Isle of Wight where I also spend a lot of my time.

 How long have you been blogging for?

I started EnBrogue.com in 2012 as a side hustle. It’s entirely dedicated to flat shoes and how to wear them, because at the time they were much harder to find, and I had recently completely given up wearing heels. It was a great way of honing my skills as a writer when I was still fashion assistant at The Times, and didn’t have as much opportunity to write my own features at that point in my career. 

 What motivated you to write your book?

I’d been accompanying blog posts with my watercolour illustrations of flat shoes, and I always had in my head that I’d like to do a book – a guide to flat shoes, and their history. Shoes are usually designed for a specific purpose, which makes them really interesting. After about a year of blogging, I put together a proposal which I sent to some publishers. The publisher I actually signed within the end though, found me through Instagram. We clicked straight away and my first book came out almost two years to the day from when I first started the blog. It’s now been translated and is published in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and China, and I’ve since had a second book published, The Trainers Guide.

 What has been your best purchase for under £50 in the last year? (doesn’t have to be shoe related!)

A corduroy baker boy hat from Weekday. My hair is always a mess in the morning and it means I can look a bit more put together when I am walking the dog!

. Exactly how many pairs of shoes do you own?

I’d rather not answer this question! Let’s just say it’s more than is necessary…

. Favourite pair of shoes? (that you own)

This is too hard. I have a number of favourites. I have been wearing my Shoe The Bear black hiking boots a LOT, especially since I switched the laces for something brighter. I also love my Grenson Nanette hikers, but because they are beige suede I haven’t worn them as much for fear of ruining them, so I save them for best. Any one pair of my collection of Adidas Gazelles would always be a favourite; the colour depends on my mood. I love Seven Feet Apart for a classic chic white sneaker. And I can’t live without Birkenstocks in the summer!

. Favourite pair of shoes? (that you’ve got your eye on!)

I’ve seen Grenson’s offering for next season and it includes some white Nanette hiking boots which are GORGEOUS.

. Favourite pair of shoelaces?

Another tough choice, but I think it’s my grey and cream dogtooth ones (from Shoe String, of course!). I’m a big fan of bright laces but these are more versatile because they’re a bit more subtle, and can be worn in any colour of shoe or boot.

. What styles of footwear do you see coming back in fashion?

It’s more about what styles I DON’T see coming back, actually. There’s been somewhat of a flat shoe revolution since I first started En Brogue, with both high end designers and high street offering far better designs that don’t have high heels. Now that women have discovered the freedom and comfort that comes with wearing flats, and now that wearing flats means choosing from incredibly chic and cool designs, I just don’t think we’ll ever go back to the vertiginous heels that were so popular ten years ago. Of course, there will always be women who enjoy wearing high heels, but I think we’re past the point where we feel obliged to.

. If you could collaborate with any footwear designer, who would it be?

I’m actually collaborating with one of my favourite brands at the moment, but I am sworn to secrecy for the time being! I should be able to reveal more in the spring. Needless to say, I am very excited about it.



View Hannah’s Website and Instagram

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