Shoelaces for hiking boots

Noticed that the weather is getting a little colder? We have! It’s time to break those all important winter boots out! Below, we’ve selected a handful of photographs from @enbrogue and @theshoereviewuk and their super creative colour choices, using our shoelaces!

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Spring 2019 Footwear trends

Spring 2019 Footwear Trends. Finally, the winter has ended and spring is upon us! Thankfully however the winter was reasonable and didn’t hit us too hard. Spring 2019 looks to be an exciting time for fashion trends, and luckily for you, we have compiled a list of our favourite 5 footwear trends for you to […]

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black shoelaces for sneakers white

How to choose the right winter shoelaces

Ah, the UK weather is getting quite cold. It’s been wet weather more than it has dry, and I don’t blame you for breaking out those all-important winter boots! Winter boots with proper protection can be incredibly warm, but sometimes your Achilles heel (excuse the pun) can be the shoelaces. Shoelaces can soak in water, […]

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Fresh in! Mosaic round shoelaces for sneakers and hiking boots

They’ve landed! Check out our new Mosaic shoelaces: shop  We’ve been making shoelaces in the UK since 1989, and this is our newest lace. We wanted to create a shoelace that was new and fresh, but usable for just about any type of footwear. We’ve found a lot of our customers put these laces in […]

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En Brogue – behind the shoes.

Hi! Welcome to our very first blog post. A quick introduction… we are Shoestring Laces. We’ve been making shoelaces in the UK since 1989. You can shop our range here Over the last few months, we’ve been sending Hannah some of our shoelaces, which she’s put in some of her fantastic hiking boots! We wanted […]

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